Monday, June 25, 2007

Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje

‘Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje’ beautifully incorporated story line up to support some marvelous dance performances by Gopi Krishna. This V.Shantaram film has dramatic loud mannerism that might get irritating for the youngsters. But, the classical dances by Gopi Krishna and Sandhya depicting different moods are worth watching. Kathak, Bharat Natyam and Manipuri, such remarkable sequences keep you spell bound. No wonder the film did good business.

Classical dance requires years of patient practice and a much disciplined life. Continuous unperturbed efforts have to go in.

The guru-father is determined to see his son at the heights of success, being honoured with the title of Bharat Natarajan. The guru is angered by the thought of his son being deviated from his goal.This frustration is announced with a slap. Spare the rod, spoil the child- was a saying of the past, you can see the guru – father use it here. Though, today parents would think a thousand times before raising their hands. Terms have changed between parents and children, your fortunate if your kids show the same kind of gratitude and allow you to mend their ways.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Chalti ka Naam Gadi

I was watching ‘Chalti ka Naam Gaadi’, a Black & White Hindi Film. It’s Kishore Kumar and the beautiful Madhu Bala, comedy and romance. Lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri and music by S.D Burman is timeless.

Memorable songs like ‘Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si..’ and of course ‘Paanch Rupaiyaa Barah Aana..’ Almost all Hit songs, but they come at such regular intervals, that the kids were like- don’t tell me another song. And I was like oh wow now its ..’Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka..’

Chalti Ka Naam Gadi, a peculiar name not philosophical, just like the movie. No strong emotional drama. Really jo chal jaae vhi gadi.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Old films-Young generation

I knew my kids will not sit down to watch a Black and White movie. So, I decided to keep Sunday as my movie watching day. My kids were very happy to give me this leisure time. Perhaps they thought it would mean free time from ‘Mom ki Dadagiri’.

Anyways I had the plot ready, I was sure they would come to watch it in parts. They did. Old Hindi Films and the film songs were not their natural taste. The technical, cultural and pace is sometimes so vast that right at the peak of emotional drama, they would burst out laughing.

They scrutinize the movie so much that if I really want to enjoy it I wouldn’t have them around.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Educate the Girl Child

One day my ten year old daughter asked why I scolded them when ever they went wrong.

My mother was always aware of what her children were doing. I sometimes used to hide my mistakes but, she could see it in my eyes and would question me. She never raised her hands on us, loved us profoundly. She treated all of us as though we were some sort of Prince and Princesses. But she never failed to scold us when we went wrong. It’s not that we never asked such questions, but she didn’t need to explain it in words. Her care and devotion to her children spoke it all.

This background always plays on me and I fail to ignore things. Deep inside, it is the desire to make your children perfect makes you do it. What happens if I pamper them, ignore their shortcomings and let them just have their way, right or wrong?

I remembered the old hindi film “Anpadh”. It’s a Mala Sinha, Dharmendra starrer and of course Balraj Sahni as the brother. “Educate the Girl Child” teach her skills and she can live with dignity

Old Hindi Films

Old Hindi Films have been great source of many of my thoughts and ways. I wanted my kids to gather some of these.

The young generation has its own tastes. The new movies are very entertaining and that’s what a tired mind wants. The pace of their lives is well reflected on screen. Or perhaps the pace on screen is imitated. Whatever it may be, I knew my choice of old movies may not be very entertaining but I wanted them to watch the films.

Maybe over the months, years, little by little, drop by drop some ideas would sink in. I have my own choice of old films. All registered in my mind, not as titles, but as one liners or paragraphs.